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Engagement & Loyalty

The SessionM SaaS Platform makes every engagement between our clients and their customers real-time, personalized and purposeful.

Engagement & Loyalty

We believe consumers reward businesses with loyalty when businesses reward consumers with personalized engagement. 


The Mobile Marketing Cloud takes in real-time data from disparate sources, dynamically updates customer profiles, applies a rules-based decision engine, and takes the best omnichannel action in just milliseconds.

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Audience Management

Audience Management
The Mobile Marketing Cloud captures unique identifiers as they happen to build a database of your customers.
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Online Display & Video Advertising

Online display and video advertising play influential roles within your digital media marketing portfolio. Our team leverages these formats to bring your target audience closer to your brand in an engaging and measurable way. At Fuor, our online display and video advertising services consists of the following capabilities:

Custom Sponsorships

we treat high profile placements and exclusive packages for our shoppers with leading online brands and publishers.

Ad Network Management

we tend to critically value the ad network landscape and choose solely the foremost clear, best-in-class partners that deliver top-tier on-line show and video inventory for economical and targeted reach.

Demand-Side Platform

Moving on the far side impression shopping for, we tend to participate in period of time bidding via ad exchanges mistreatment third-party knowledge suppliers to achieve your core targets at the correct value.

Advanced Targeting

to satisfy your campaign objectives, our technology suite includes all types of targeting as well as re-marketing, contextual, behavioral, geographic and dayparting.

KPI measuring and Optimization

we tend to area unit perpetually tweaking to seek out the correct mixture of cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-thousand, cost-per-whatever to maneuver the needle on your key performance indicators.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile plays a major role within the digital media selling equation which role can solely still grow as adoption and usage will increase. to assist our purchasers reach their audiences within the mobile atmosphere, we've got developed a whole back-end platform for managing our client’s electronic communication across numerous formats and devices. At Fuor, our portable selling capabilities include:

SMS ANd MMS campaigns

Deliver text and multi-media messages to an opt-in audience

WAP sites

style, build, hosting and management our mobile WAP sites.


procural of short-codes and fulfillment of prizing


Creation of name applications for iPhone, Android, and RIM (Blackberry)

Mobile show Ads

coming up with, shopping for and optimizing of show ads for the mobile net and in applications

Mobile Analytics

period of time coverage and activity of opt-ins, mobile web site visits, interactions, sales, etc.

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Real-time Rules Engine
The Mobile Marketing Cloud’s real-time rules engine is always-on, gathering data around behaviors, transactions, location, time and frequency. Marketers can set up rules around this data to trigger responses to actions as they happen.

Audience Management

Account Service

Using the Oauth2 and SAML protocols, deploy one unifying account service across all of your client touchpoints. produce accounts and attest them via email addresses, SMS verification or social logins. Interconnect accounts with existing third-party systems as well as gift CRM platforms and datastore.

Dynamic Profiles

Gather period, first-party knowledge regarding your customers across multiple touchpoints to make a info of dynamic profiles. The Mobile promoting Cloud creates a singular symbol that may integrate with any partner ecosystems to store any range of further identifiers for every individual client.

Audience Analytics and reportage

Access a dashboard of period analytics of your audience behaviors and engagements. read however usually individual customers area unit participating across properties or analyze expertise and interaction results by audience segments.

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Campaigns & Messaging
Rules-based workflows trigger personalized messages and engagements to specific customer segments or an individual customer.

Programmatic bying

Real Time Bidding, the foremost common methodology of programmatic shopping for, joins publishers along in advertising networks and permits advertisers to use machine-controlled bidding to get ad house at intervals those networks. Let Chatter Buzz teach you regarding the assorted kinds of programmatic shopping for and discuss what works best for your company.

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Loyalty Management
There is a growing consumer appetite for mobile-first experiences. The convergence of mobile, local and social networking capabilities is providing a new paradigm for program creativity and customer engagement approaches.

What Our Clients are Saying

We are a high-frequency retailer. A meaningful number of intercepts are just unfeasible with our scale. The SessionM platform not only provides scale with tremendous speed, but because it’s mobile, it engages the customer on-premise where we can get much fresher and more actionable insights.