General Terms of Service

HankiMedia is a product and follows all it's agreements and policies.

The terms for using HankiMedia services are as follows:The following types of sites are NOT allowed to participate in HankiMedia: Sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites providing instructions or discussions about performing illegal activities, sites that promote or utilize software or services designed to deliver unsolicited email, or any other sites HankiMedia deems to be inappropriate.

A member may cancel their participation in HankiMedia by notifying HankiMedia in writing. Upon resigning his/her membership, the member agrees to remove all references and links to HankiMedia from the member's web site.

Members acknowledge and agree that their web site information (name, URL, traffic counts, etc.) may be utilized by HankiMedia. Possible uses include (but are not limited to) lists of the busiest sites, lists of member sites, general promotional uses, etc.

HankiMedia retains ownership and all rights to HankiMedia and the HankiMedia name, logo, software, databases, reports, web site, and information.

Members acknowledge that this HankiMedia account is part of the HankiMedia network, and as such, acknowledge that they will receive periodic announcements and information regarding their service. Members may also request to be removed from the HankiMedia's news mailing list.

HankiMedia services are provided on an "AS IS, AS AVAILABLE" basis. HankiMedia makes no guarantee of availability of the HankiMedia services and is held harmless in the event of loss of or interruption of service of any kind except as provided in a written "Service Level Agreement" that accompanies this document.

HankiMedia reserves the right to modify, or change these Terms and Conditions.

All materials contained in the HankiMedia website at are copyright 1999 to 2019(inclusive) SparkLIT Networks, Inc. The content presented herein may not under any circumstances be distributed in any way or form without prior written permission from SparkLIT Networks, Inc.

Members of this service must agree to the above general terms, as well as any additional terms and conditions governing the specific tools or products utilized by the member, in order to use the HankiMedia service.